The Company specialize in selling high quality vintage aircraft, although all types of aircraft are sold from time to time.  Listed below is our Star buy as well as three other exciting vintage aircraft; however, we either have or can obtain many other vintage types, so if we are not displaying what you are looking for, e-mail us with your requirements: - let us do the running around so you can concentrate on enjoying the flying!



At present our Star buy is a two-seat Vampire DH115.  The aircraft has a fresh Swiss Authorities Annual and is ready to fly.  It was originally registered to the Swiss Army as U-1235 but is now civil registered as HB-RVI.

Vampire HB-RVI

The aircraft is priced to sell (as the owner needs the space) for:



The cockpit is very well equipped with all modern civil avionics, including GPS.  The aircraft is fitted with two live ejection seats.

Vampire HB-VRI Cockpit
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The last logbook summary (15 Sep 1999) showed the following:

The aircraft is in excellent condition and can be made available for view at any time.  The aircraft was originally flown very regularly but the owner has upgraded to a single-seat Vampire and a two-seat Hunter!

We also have another Vampire for sale with a brand new UK Permit to fly for $32,000.

For the single-seat minded we have a very striking Venom for sale; again, with a fresh UK Permit.  The aircraft is priced to sell at $32,000

If you are after a unique twin what about a Sea Prince.  We are offering one of these rare aircraft for sale.  At the moment it is US Registered and can be sold as seen for $38,000 or with a fresh UK Permit for $57,000

For further information about the aircraft contact Challenges Aviation Limited by e-mail: