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Photo Simon O'Connell
Me 108  G-ETME

Golden Europe Jet's
Hunter T68  G-HVIP

Red Star One
Mig 17


'Airshow Acts' represents a collection of owners who want to share their aircraft with the public by having them seen at aerial events. All the aircraft are kept in peak condition with the intention of showing them to the public at their best.


AIRCRAFT  (back to top)

The aircraft available for this year include:  Hunter TMk68 - The only 'big-engine' two-seat Hunter believed to be flying in Europe. This is a stunning Hunter, in a light blue and white colour scheme, which will be displaying for its first season. The Hunter is a high performance display aircraft that captivates the crowd - the jet 'Spitfire'. Messerschmitt 108 - Built as a Nord 1002, a four-seat communications version of the ME 109, having many similar features. Painted in an authentic colour scheme, including swastika markings. A rare German aircraft from WWII flying in this country - an excellent representation of the 'other side'. Ideal, for the smaller events as well as the big ones!  Mig 17 is new for the season.  It is undergoing its Permit Issue and should be ready for around June 2002.  This will be a unique and exciting aircraft that will be fast and load.  The afterburning engine should thrill any crowd


DISPLAY PILOTS  (back to top)

All display pilots are very experienced, allowing them to construct their display to match the characteristics of the show venue, with special emphasis on crowd entertainment.  This is done by combining safe, exciting aerobatics with flowing manoeuvres, whilst paying particular attention to keeping the aircraft in full view, thereby offering as many different photo' opportunities as possible. Multiple aircraft displays combine close formation with highly exciting 'cross-over' manœuvres aimed at safely thrilling the crowd.


SHOW SPECIFICS  (back to top)

The aircraft are available for air displays, corporate entertainment, television, film and advertising flying (including sponsorship). The aircraft are priced for each individual event, because transit time is non-linear. However, pricing is very competitive as the owners prefer the aircraft to be seen regularly. For further information please contact Airshow Acts on e-mail: